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Preston Brook Wharf - Wharfmen Database

Code No: First Name Middle Name Last Name DOB Place of Birth Date of Death Occupation Company Notes
A1 James Faulkner 1865 Daresbury Porter Bridgewater Son of A166. Brother of A104
A2 David Spruce 1860 Aston by Sutton Porter Bridgewater Son-in-law of A6
A3 Harold Spruce 1894 Halton Provender labourer Bridgewater Son of A303
A4 Albert Potts 1871 Dutton 26 June 1961 Clerk (provender) MSCco, Bridgewater Department Father of A5. Son in law of A83
A5 Tom Potts 1892 Preston Brook Porter MSCco, Bridgewater Department Son of A4
A6 Samuel Johnson 1845 Moore Porter Bridgewater Father-in-law of A2. Son of A253
A7 John Johnson 1891 Preston on the Hill Porter Bridgewater
A8 Thomas Rutter 1858 Wales Porter Bridgewater
A9 Peter Johnson 1852 Halton Porter Bridgewater
A10 William Henshall 1859 Middlewich Porter Bridgewater Son of A127
A11 Edward Spender 1854 Aston Porter Bridgewater
A12 Percy Ambrose Cook 1883 Northwich Porter Bridgewater
A13 Abraham Speed 1862 Warrington Porter Bridgewater
A14 John Jones 1867 Daresbury Warehouse storekeeper Son of A79. Brother A16
A15 Leonard Jones 1895 Daresbury Clerk
A16 Thomas Jones 1897 Daresbury Clerk Son of A79. Brother A14
A17 Henry Bannister 1877 Walton Porter
A18 Frederick Jesse Friedley 1842 Longton, Staffordshire 13 March 1912 Agent Bridgewater
A19 Thomas Henry Jones 1866 Wilmslow Clerk
A20 William Austin Jones 1894 Clerk
A21 Daniel Basnett Yates 1869 Runcorn 1940 Stationary engine driver Bridgewater
A22 Alfred Webb 1862 Preston on the Hill Book keeper Son of A73. Brother A43
A23 Samuel Basnett 1851 Sutton Horse keeper (foreman) Related to F34?
A24 Peter James Webb 1861 Preston Brook 1920 Porter (foreman 1888 to death) Bridgewater Son of A108. Son-in-law of A134. Daughter marries son of A39. Siblings B108-56, A37, A53, B108-117, A76
A25 Herbert Jones 1890 Stafford Provender labourer
A26 William Johnson Frankland 1888 Preston Brook Porter
A27 Henry Lightfoot 1872 Daresbury Porter Son of A68. Brother A27
A28 Herbert Cooper 1867 Preston Brook Porter Son of A63
A29 George Warburton 1860 Lostock Grahlam Porter
A30 Arnold Henshall 1874 Church Minshull Porter
A31 Samuel Roberts 1866 Aston Porter
A32 Percy Roberts 1892 Newton by Daresbury Wheelwright, apprentice
A33 Henry Starkey 1866 Stockton Heath Canal labourer
A34 James Pennington 1876 Senthellens (Saint Helens) Canal labourer
A35 Albert Edward Webb 1874 Daresbury Blacksmith Manchester Ship Canal, Bridgewater Department Son of A53
A36 William George Jackson 1871 Runcorn Toll clerk
A37 William Webb 1846 Preston Brook Porter Son of A108. Siblings B108-56, A24, A53, B108-117, A76
A38 William Goodall 1880 Rock Savage Porter
A39 Samuel Lightfoot 1851 Daresbury Porter Son of A68. Brother A27
A40 Charles Ellison 1861 Tarvin, Chester Porter
A41 Sam Yarwood 1894 Aston 16 May 1915 Provender labourer Killed in action at Aubers Ridge
A 42 John Mountford 1873 Ardens Wood (Hardings Wood,Kidsgrove) Porter
A43 John Thomas Webb 1870 Preston on the Hill Son of A73. Brother A22
A44 Charles Jones 1868 Norton Clerk
A45 James Ryder 1894 Newton by Daresbury Clerk
A46 William Lightfoot 1869 Preston Brook Porter
A47 John Furmston 1863 Daresbury Machine chop cutter
A48 Arthur Thomas Potts 1863 Swarkstone Agent Son of A300. Brother A304
A49 Alfred Potts 1890 Preston Brook Porter
A50 Harold Edward Webb Pennington 1873 Preston Brook 1935 Son of A56 & B108-56
A51 John Speed 1884 Daresbury Porter Son of F8
A52 Donald Gordon 1877 Scotland Porter
A53 Thomas Webb 1850 Preston Brook Clerk Son of A108. Father of A35. Siblings A24, A37, B108-56, B108-117, A76
A54 James Wilkinson 1861 Weaverham Canal labourer
A 55 Phillip Hindmarsh 1871 Durham Colliery, Shincliffe Clerk
A56 Edward Pennington 1843 Newton by Daresbury Wheelwright Son of A162. Son-in-law of A108. Father of A50
A57 John Jameson 1877 Acton Bridge Porter Son-in-law to A96
A58 Frederick Jameson 1877 Porter
A59 John Routledge 1862
A60 John Povey 1820 Grandfather to A86
A61 William Webb 1830 Preston Brook Porter Son of A167. Step-daughter marries A106. Siblings A108, A73
A62 Allen Beckett 1862 Porter
A63 Peter Cooper 1825 Preston on the Hill Porter Son of A252. Father of A172. Brother F31?
A64 John Dakin Speed 1886 Preston Brook Porter Son of F21
A65 Peter Speed 1819 Preston Brook Porter Son of A241. Siblings B241-262, A264
A66 Frances Cowap 1883 Preston Brook Shorthand typist
A67 James Bunn 1883 Runcorn Clerk
A68 George Lightfoot 1831 Preston Brook Porter Father of A27, A39
A69 John Taylor 1868 Preston on the Hill Porter Son of A103
A70 Thomas Henry Priestley 1857 Son-in-law to A126
A71 Thomas Roughsedge 1849 Preston on the Hill Ostler Son of A148
A72 James Roughsedge 1876 Preston on the Hill Porter
A73 Thomas Webb 1828 Preston on the Hill Clerk Son of A167. Father of A22, A43.
A74 John Sanders 1822 Overton, Frodsham Stationary engine driver
A75 Gilbert McWhannel 1824 Scotland 1892 Agent Bridgewater Trustees 1851 to 1891
A76 Albert Webb 1865 Preston on the Hill Clerk Son of A108. Siblings A24, B108-56, A37, B108-117, A53
A78 Benjamin Whittaker 1850 Liverpool Porter
A79 Luke Jones 1842 Preston Brook Clerk Son of A 146. Father of A16, A14.
A80 John Clare 1841 Runcorn Storekeeper Father of A81
A81 John Clare 1868 Runcorn Porter (foreman 1920 to closure) Son of A80
A82 John Thomason 1827 Budworth Porter
A83 James West 1841 Halton Porter Father in law of A4
A84 James Wilkinson 1849 Runcorn Porter
A85 Albert Clare 1877 Preston Brook Porter Son of F2. Brother A90
A86 William Povey 1873 Grandson of A60
A87 Thomas Roughsedge 1859 Dutton Porter
A88 Thomas Thompson 1822 Dutton Porter Father in Law of A39. Father of A92
A89/F3 Alfred Ernest Clare 15 Jan 1874 Preston Brook 1900 Porter/ Tug engineman Son of F18. Brother A90
A90 John Clare 1864 Preston Brook 4 Apr 1896 Porter Son of F2. Brother A85
A91 Arthur Webb 1877 Preston Brook Porter Son of A37
A92 Thomas Thompson 1851 Daresbury Porter Son of A88
A93 William Wainwright 1866 Preston Brook Porter
A94 Samuel Rowlinson 1837 Budworth Agent
A95 William Egerton 1872 Middlewich Clerk
A96 George Williams 1865 Laterny? Porter Son-in-law to A57
A97 William Thompson 1873 Preston Brook Porter
A98 John Johnson Cowap 1833 Preston Brook Porter
A99 Joseph Johnson 1860 Newton Porter
A100 Thomas Johnson 1869 Preston Porter
A101 John Roughsedge 1862 Aston Porter
A102 John Nerns 1870 Rosset, Derbyshire Porter
A103 John Taylor 1827 Preston Brook Porter Father of A69
A104 Peter Faulkner 1859 Dutton Porter Brother of A1
A105 John Wilkinson Taylor 1858 Preston on the Hill Porter Brother to F22
A106 Alfred Emery 1841 Trentham, Staffordshire Porter Son of A216
A107 Thomas Davis 1861 Middlewich Porter
A108 Peter Webb 1822 Preston Brook 1888 Porter (foreman 1874 to death) Son of A167. Father of B108-56, A24, A37, A53, B108-117, A76. Father in law of A56, A117.
A109 Albert Brown 1858 Saltney, Cheshire Engine driver?
A110 James Warburton 1813 Farndon/Caldecote Porter
A111 John Johnson 1812 Preston Brook Porter
A112 Thomas Bennet 1825 Eccles/Worsley Porter Father of A113, A114. Father in law of A115
A113 Thomas Bennet 1865 Preston Brook Porter Son of A112. Brother A114
A114 William Bennet 1869 Preston Brook Porter Son of A112. Brother A113
A115 John Henry Lyon 1858 Wigan Agent Son in law of A112
A116 John Jones 1812 Preston Brook Porter Father of A202
A117 Edward Scragg 1851 Middlewich Porter Son of A123
A118 Joseph Newton 1843 Devon Stationary engine driver (1881)
A119 John Grome 1856 Clerk
A120 John Line 1814 Preston Brook Clerk Father in law of F27
A121 Samuel Massey 1860 Porter Son of A206. Stepson of A88
A122 John Nesbitt 1811 Book keeper Bridgewater Trustees See N6
A123 James Scragg 1826 Middlewich Nightwatchman Father of A117, A125
A124 Walter Scragg 1866 Preston Brook Clerk
A125 James Scragg 1857 Preston Brook Clerk Son of A123. Son in law of A126
A126 William Ollier 1815 Elton, Cheshire Agent Father in law of A125, A70
A127 Thomas Henshall 1836 Middlewich Nightwatchman Father of A10
A128 John Mason 1868 Middlewich Porter
A129 Robert Roughsedge 1812 Preston on the Hill Porter Son of A254.
A130 Thomas Burton 1799 Preston Brook Clerk
A131 Edward Johnson 1811 Barnton Porter
A132 William Speed 1854 Preston Brook Porter
A133 William Robinson 1805 Leighton Porter
A134 John Jones 1843 Preston Brook Shipping Clerk Son of A146. Father of A44
A135 John Jones 1812 Llangollen Clerk Father of A334
A136 James Dean 1851 Preston on the Hill Porter
A136 James Dean 1851 Preston on the Hill Porter Son of A138
A137 James Dean snr 1797 Hartford, Cheshire Porter Father of A176
A138 John Dean 1821 Preston on the Hill Porter Father of F30, A136
A139 Joseph Ryder 1832 Newton Porter
A140 William Norman 1805 Leftwich Porter Stepfather of A175
A141 William Manwarring Salt 1802 Preston on the Hill 9 July 1884 Agent Richard Barrows/Brown & Co. Best & Morecroft. John Furnival Son of A269. Brother A250
A142 James Lunn 1804 Lancashire Porter
A143 Henry Coleburn 1850 Runcorn Clerk
A144 Peter Valentine 1833 Weston, Runcorn Stationary engine driver (1861, 1871)
A145 William Holt 1835 Preston Brook Porter Son of A182. "Relative" of A144
A146 Luke Jones 1806 Preston on the Hill 1874 Porter (foreman c1840 to death) Father of A134, A79. Son in Law of A225
A147 Thomas Cookson 1793 Frodsham 1876 Porter Waterloo veteran. 16th Lancers
A148 John Roughsedge 1813 Preston Brook Porter Father of A149
A149 William Roughsedge 1843 Preston Brook Porter Son of A148
A150 John Limb 1811 Preston Brook Porter
A151 James Hinson 1838 Manchester Porter
A152 Joseph Hinson 1858 Preston Brook Porter
A153 Isaac Dooley 1832 Keckwick Canal labourer
A154 Jospeh Walker 1808 Porter
A155 Edward Egerton 1851 Cheshire Book keeper
A156 William Thomason 1831 Daresbury Porter Son of A294
A157 Thomas Basnett 1813 Whitley Porter Father of A158
A158 John Basnett 1848 Preston on the Hill Canal labourer Son of A157
A159 Thomas Richards 1848 Asterly, Shropshire Porter
A160 Charles Rhodes 1812 Staffordshire Toll clerk - Trent and Mersey
A161 Samuel Stensfield 1840 Yorkshire Engine fitter
A162 John Pennington 1812 Preston Brook Canal labourer Son of A315. Siblings A198, A292. Father of A56.
A163 John Adamson 1816 Cudley, Lancashire Porter Father of A164
A164 John Adamson 1853 Preston Brook Porter Son of A163
A165 Thomas Pickering Sander 1820 Halton Porter
A166 William Faulkner 1833 Preston Brook Porter Father of A1
A167 William Webb 1796 Aston Grange Porter Father of A108, A61, A73. Brother A191
A168 Joseph Taylor 1827 Trafford Porter Father of A169
A169 William Taylor 1855 Halton Porter Son of A168
A170 John Knight 1823 Rishton, Lancashire Porter
A171 Luke Cross 1843
A172 John Cooper 1856 Son of A63
A173 Thomas Moore 1844
A174 Thomas Parker 1836
A175 Thomas Johnson 1820 Stepson of A140
A176 James Dean 1823
A177 James Massey 1819 Son of A310. Brother A309
A178 William Norman 1805
A179 Thomas Cowap 1796 Father of F44
A180 James Roughsedge 1805 Porter Son in Law of A285
A181 Thomas William Roughsedge A1839
A182 John Holt 1782 Preston Brook Storekeeper at warehouse Father of A145, A229, A230
A183 Hnery Rosbotham 1827 Nephew of A254
A184 Henry Shipton 1819 Agent Bridgewater Trustees
A185 James Royale 1833
A186 George Lewis 1848
A187 Abraham Lewis 1845
A188 William Meaden 1845
A189 Edward Buckley 1844
A190 William Youd 1796 Carter
A191 Samuel Webb 1791 Aston Grange Porter Brother of A167
A192 Richard Taylor 1805 Brother A282
A193 Thomas Johnson 1836
A194 John Sandbach 1801
A195 Edward Emery 1825
A196 John Cotteril 1825 High Leigh Porter & Grocer
A197 William Thompson 1845
A198 Thomas Pennington 1808 Son of A315. Siblings A162, A292
A199 Richard Brazendale 1804
A200 Thomas Jackson 1792 Father to A268
A201 Thomas Edwards 1821 Kingsley Porter discharging boats Father of A335, A336
A202 Hugh Jones 1855 Son of A116
A203 John Taylor 1804
A204 Amos Allen 1833
A205 David Allen 1848
A206 Robert Massey 1829 Father of A121
A207 Samuel Stretch 1808?
A208 Richard Ruebottom 1802
A209 Daniel Worthington 1837 Stationary engine driver (1861)
A210 Richard Hallwood 1803
A211 Charles Morris Book keeper See N33
A212 O H Wareham Bridgewater Canal Company on site in 1937, see N46
A213 George Larton 1847 See N51
A214 Victor Hugh Jones 1898 1968 Agent Manchester Ship Canal, Bridgewater Department Started at Lymm, transferred to Howley Quay, then PB. Retired 1958
A215 John Jones 1829
A216 Thomas Emery 1794 Father of A106
A217 Henry Cowap 1823
A218 Joseph Bebbington 1829
A219 William Pickering 1773 Father in law of A180
A220 Stringfellow Porter
A221 William Harrison 1799 Agent James Sutton & Shardlow Boat Co Related to F46
A222 Joseph Sanders 1780 Eddisbury Porter Father of A274
A223 Henry Sanders 1807 Halton Clerk Bridgewater Trustees Son of A224
A224/F47 Henry Sanders Father to A223, F20, F47
A225 Thomas Hough 1784 Father to A258, F48. Father in law to A146
A226 Charles Mitchell 1810 Agent Bridgewater Trustees Father of A227
A227 Robert Henry Mitchell 1833 Son of A226
A228 Henry Burgess Toone 1832 Markfield, Leicestershire 1900 Clerk
A229 Samuel Holt 1823 Porter Son of A182
A230 John Holt 1828 Porter Son of A182
A231 William Mackleroy 1816
A232 William Peacock 1832
A233 Charles Henry Kent 1823
A234/C216 Luke Speed 1860 Son of A235
A235 Edward Speed 1823 Son of A262 and B241-262
A236 John Pickering 1792
A237 William Taylor 1807
A238 John Foulkes 1823 Stationary engine driver (1851)
A239 John Warburton 1824
A240 James Johnson 1810
A241 William Speed 1772 1855 Father of A264, A65, B241-262
A242 Peter Leadbeater 1798 Cheshire Agent John Danks Son of A291. Brother of A243
A243 Joseph Leadbeater 1805 Agent Son of A291. Brother of A242
A244 Joseph Thomas Richard 1828 Bideford, Devon Clerk (accountant)
A245 Robert Lonsdale Pendlebury 1830 Worsley Clerk Carver & Co
A246 Henry Urmson 1831 Preston Brook Porter
A246 George Lee 1828 Preston Brook Porter
A248 James Haddock 1783
A249 Peter Thomason 1791
A250 John Salt 1797 Son of A269
A251 William Salt 1835 Son of A250
A252 John Cooper 1782 Father of A63
A253 Samuel Johnson 1823 Father for A6
A254 William Roughsedge 1777 Father of A129. Uncle of A183
A255 Thomas Hussey 1786
A256 James Hatton 1826 Ostler
A257 John Hilton Ostler
A258 Isaac Hough 1826 Son of A225
A259 William Jackson 1813 Aston Clerk to a Canal Co
A260 James Walker 1821 Manchester Clerk to Bridgewater Trust Bridgewater Trust
A261 George Henry Brown 1822 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Clerk to the Bridgewater Trust Bridgewater Trust
A262 Luke Speed Father of A263, A265. Siblings A267, A293, B241-262
A263 David Speed Son of A263 and B241-262
A264 Samuel Speed 1800 1855 Son of A241. Siblings B241-262, A65
A265 James Thomason 1821
A266 John Drinkwater 1826 Son of F60
A267 James Speed 1806 Siblings of A262, B241-262, A293
A268 John Jackson 1816 Son of A200
A269 William Salt 1769 7 July 1819 Agent His Grace, the Duke of Bridgewater Father of A250, A141
A270 William Taylor 1811 Son of Mary, a porters widow (1841)
A271 John Ormson 1791
A272 John Lothern 1811
A273 James Chappel 1816
A274 Thomas Sanders 1826 Son of A222
A275 Noah Sever 1806
A276 Edward Hodson 1796
A277 William Cubley 1796
A278 William Gerrard 1816
A279 John Stringfellow 1791 Porter Father of A280
A280 John Stringfellow 1826 Ostler Son of A279
A281 James Ross 1770
A282 Thomas Taylor 1801
A283 Peter Basnett 1811
A284 Stephen Speed 1811 Brother of F62
A285 George Cole 1821 Kidderminster Canal carriers office clerk Father of A329
A286 Richard Tomlinson 1766 Agent Matthew Heath
A287 William Gallimore 1786 Agent John Kenworthy & Co
A288 William Halt 1806
A289 Randle Brereton 1771 Agent Barker, Carter & Allen. Crowley, Hicklin, & Batty. Sarah Rutter Father of A290
A290 Thomas Brereton 1810 Son of A289
A291 Peter Leadbeater 1776 16 Dec 1844 Agent G Appleby. S Bache. Joseph Brereton. Shanklin, Manley & Co. Tunley & Hodson. Whitehouse & Sons Father of A242, A243
A292 William Pennington 1821 1844 Son of A315. Siblings A162, A198
A293 William Speed Siblings A262, A267, B241-262
A294 Richard Thomason 1796 Father of A156
A295 Thomas Johnson 1806
A296 William Leigh 1796
A297 Edward Woodhouse 1866
A298 Thomas Henry Roughsedge 1859 Father of A302. Son in Law of A301
A299 Thomas Johnason 1869
A300 Herbert Potts 1861 Father of A48, A304
A301 Peter Scragg 1840 Uncle of A 302. Father in Law of A298
A302 Henry (Harry) Roughsedge 1884 14 July 1917. Killed in action Son of A 298. Nephew of A301
A303 David Spruce Father of A3
A304 Herbert Potts 1886 Son of A 300
A305 Samuel Roughsedge 1869
A306 Thomas Taylor 1815 Canal clerk Living in Dutton. May be T&M
A307 John Horton 1816
A308 Edward Lees
A309 Thomas Massey 1817 Son of A 310
A310 Samuel Massey 1796 Father of A177, A309
A311 William Cross
A312 John Albyson Clerk of the canal (1774)
A313 John Musgrove 1733 1817 Clerk of the navigation (1777) 21 years employed
A314 Joseph Harrison Clerk His Grace, the Duke of Bridgewater
A315 Thomas Pennington 1781 Clerk/Accountant Father to A198, A162, A292
A316 Thomas Guest 1790 1827. Dropped dead in office Agent Bridgewater Trustees (c1818 - 1827)
A317 Joseph Bosworth Agent Thomas Bache
A318 William Brereton Agent Pickford & Co
A319 Robert Collier Agent Bridgewater Trustees (c1834 - )
A320 James Cowap Agent Tildasley & Sturland
A321 William Degg Agent Robin, Mills & Co
A322 Charles Howard Agent Ames & Co. Fairhurst & Tilston
A323 Samuel Limb Agent Shiptons & Co. William Turley
A324 George Miller Agent Soresby & Flack
A325 Thomas Spender jun. Agent Worthington & Co Son of A331?
A326 Henry Bayley Agent Crowley, Hicklin & Co son or brother to Robert, Agent to Staffs Co 1819
A327 Thomas Broome Agent Pickfords & Co
A328 Luke Lowe Agent Soresby & Flack. James Sutton & Shardlow Boat Co
A329 Charles H Cole 1843 Kidderminster Office clerk Son of A285
A330 John McKay 1819 Scotland Clerk in Canal Carrying trade
A331 Thomas Spender snr Agent Ralph Manley & co (Chester) Father of A325?
A332 John Bosworth 1789 1825 Agent Thomas Bache flyboats Married Elizabeth Bayley "after a courtship of a few hours"
A333 Charles Weaks 1832 Salford Canal Carriers clerk
A334 John Jones 1848 Wrexham Canal Carriers clerk Son of A135
A335 John Edwards 1867 Norton Warehouse porter Son of A201, brother of A336
A336 Thomas Edwards 1849 Preston Brook Porter discharging boats Son of A201, brother of A335
A337 James Johnson 1815 Runcorn Blacksmith Probably smith on Norton side. Father of A338
A338 Thomas Johnson 1843 Liverpool Carriers clerk Son of A337
A339 John Jones 1823 Betys, Wales Iron bundler Father of A340
A340 Samuel Jones 1854 Liverpool Iron bundler Son of A339
A341 Thomas Patchett 1840 Bilston Iron bundler